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Inspire through education

The EU4Ocean Coalition releases its 5th podcast, where Dr Tymon Zielinski and Dr Volker Rachold share their hopes and concerns about the future of the Arctic ocean.


Dr Tymon Zielinski and Dr Volker Rachold are the guests of this 5th episode of the podcast "If Oceans Could Speak". Volker is Head of the German Arctic Office based at AWI, working at the science-policy interface. Tymon is a leader of the Climate and Ocean Research and Education Unit at IOPAN, Poland.

“Ocean literacy means to understand what the ocean means to us and at the same time how our activities affect the ocean” (Volker Rachold)


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“Every activity we have, no matter where you are, you either affect the ocean or you depend on the ocean (...) we are all connected to the ocean on a daily basis” (Tymon Zielinski)

This episode is particularly special to us, as our guests are not only esteemed Arctic researchers, but also represent the EU4Ocean - the very initiative that brought us together and brought this podcast to life! Together, Tymon and Volker look back on their careers and time in the Arctic and share their hopes and concerns regarding its future. They also share their passion for Ocean Education and “Ocean Literacy” – the tool they believe can be a game changer in spreading awareness of the Arctic environment and lead to positive action.

Making the ocean a concern of everyone, especially young people, is the vision of the EU4Ocean. Tymon and Volker believe this to be one of many examples of how strong cooperation and communication in the Arctic will be key for its future.

Read the transcript of this episode.