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Inception report for Study to support Impact Assessment of Marine Knowledge 2020 and draft questionnaires

This report constitutes the inception report on the Study to support the forthcoming IA on Marine Knowledge 2020.

The report is submitted in accordance with the reporting schedule of the Terms of Reference. The background for preparing this report is 1) the proposal and the Terms of Reference, 2) the kick-off meeting held on 23rd August; 3) a desk study of available literature, and 4) joint planning within the Consortium.

The report first presents the overall scoping of the study. Thereafter, the detailed planning is explained for each of the seven thematic areas that the study will cover. Thereafter, the report presents the resulting detailed planning of the study which ensures that an interim report can be delivered on 6rd December with the contents stipulated in the Terms of Reference. Finally, the report presents preliminary and tentative versions of the questionnaires to be used. These will be further worked on during the coming weeks as explained in the planning chapter.


DRAFT Questionnaires

offshore wind, Marine Strategy Framework Directive, licensing in the public sector, licensing in private sector, introduction