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If Oceans Could Speak: A podcast about the sea and its people

Listening to the Oceans with the new #EU4Ocean podcast.


If the Ocean had a voice, what would it say to you?


"If Oceans Could Speak" - a brand new podcast from the EU4Ocean Platform - puts this question to those working and living side by side with the ocean. The podcast will share stories about the oceans around us, their value and vulnerability, as told through individual connections.

In each episode, invited guests explore their personal perspective and connection to the Ocean, whether driven by art, exploration, science, or from a lifetime of living on their shores.

By viewing ocean change through this human lens, "If Oceans Could Speak" hopes to raise awareness for, and inspire positive action towards, ocean and environmental stewardship.

In this premiere series, we begin by listening to the Arctic Ocean. This region is perceived as remote and pristine, sparking the imagination of people across the world. At the same time, the Arctic Ocean is undergoing rapid change, with warming temperatures and receding sea ice. Thus, increasing the Ocean’s accessibility to human activities and placing its biodiversity at risk. We are privileged to share the perspectives of our amazing guests on and from the Arctic, showcasing the diverse connections between the Arctic Ocean and those who are drawn to it:

  • Thomas Wunderlich and Felix Lauber, on their adventures as Captain and First Officer of the Polarstern Research Vessel
  • Hannah Cubaynes and Kimberly Goetz on studying "Whales from Space"
  • Gosia Smieszek on her 'Women of the Arctic and Plan A' initiative
  • Kimberly Aiken on her personal journey to both poles and the “Trailblazers” who inspire her
  • and many more...

"If Oceans Could Speak" will be released in summer 2021 by members of the EU4Ocean Platfrom (Arctic Centre University of Lapland, Ecologic Institute) and associates from the British Antarctic Survey/NERC Changing Arctic Ocean Programme and the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust.

Stay tuned and follow us on #EU4Ocean for news!