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How good are marine data in the Mediterranean? - first data adequacy report

The first data adequacy report looks primarily at availability of data. They will be tested for appropriateness in a second phase


EMODnet MedSea CheckPoint aims to document the quality assessment of the existing monitoring system at the sea basin level, by developing fitness-for-use indicators to show the appropriateness and availability of monitoring data for the production of Challenge targeted products. There are seven Challenges: Wind Farm Siting (CH1), Marine Protected Areas (CH2), Oil spill Platform Leaks (CH3), Climate and Coastal Protection (CH4), Fisheries (CH5), Marine Environment (CH6) and Rivers (CH7). The assessment will help identify gaps and prioritize the needs in order to optimize the system throughout the value chain (i.e. data collection, in situ and satellite data assembling, data management and networking, modelling and forecasting, geo-infrastructure) and release recommendations for future developments to better meet the application requirements.

Data Adequacy Report

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