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EMODnet Annual Report 2017

2017 was an exciting year for EMODnet, as the third phase of development (2017-2020) started in sixth gear! We are proud to present our 2017 Annual Report which highlights the notable evolution of EMODnet as well as our biggest achievements this year...


The EMODnet Annual Report 2017, published by the EMODnet Secretariat, gives an overview of the initiative and its five strands (the thematic portals, the Sea-basin Checkpoints, the Central Portal, the Ingestion Portal and the Secretariat), provides highlights on the progress in 2017 and the main achievements as well as the budget committed so far. It also includes a full section on practical use cases showcasing how EMODnet has been pivotal in supporting different organisations to solve complex challenges. The report also highlights the increase collaboration with other significant marine data programmes.

Last but not least, the Open Sea Lab, first EMODnet’s open data competition (15-17 November 2017, Antwerp), offered coders, developers, data enthusiasts, marine/ maritime companies, students, and entrepreneurs the chance to play with archived and near-real time marine open data to create prize-winning, innovative applications.

2017 consolidated EMODnet as the reference point for the wider community of marine and maritime stakeholders!

Download the EMODnet Annual Report 2017 now!