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Djemila Tassin - The Youth4Ocean Forum presents its first Young Ocean Advocate

Djemila Tassin, a young Spanish solo sailor, is the first Young Ocean Advocate of the Forum.


The Youth4Ocean forum has selected its first Young Ocean Advocate: Djemila Tassin, young oceanographer and solo sailor. She is the only Spanish woman participating to the next Mini Transat race, a mental and physical challenge in which the participants cross the Atlantic Ocean on a 6.5 meter long sailboat without any external communication. Young Ocean Advocate is a title awarded by the Youth4Ocean Forum to encourage young people with a project related to the ocean, and willing to promote ocean literacy and ocean conservation in their community.

Djemila's relationship with the marine world started during her childhood on the Canary Islands, with her father taking her to his sailboat and with her free time spent playing in the water until dusk. 20 years later, she is now dedicated full time to her own "mini" sailboat, Kairos, and is sailing and training for the Mini Transat 2021. She recently implemented a special scholarship to select and train a young Spanish girl, allowing her student to eventually be able to participate as a co skipper in further sailing events during the 2021 season.

As a solo sailor, Djemila will be at the forefront to observe and document the features of the open ocean: natural ones like climate and marine wildlife, but also dangerous ones such as drifting containers or ghostnest from the fishing industry.

Djemila will leave shore next September, wearing the colors of the EU4Ocean Coalition, a worthy ambassador of the Youth4Ocean Forum.

"The sea doesn't have any preferences. Everyone can do their best no matter where they are from, no matter their experience."

Visit Djemila's website or her social media accounts to follow her adventures and observations (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram).