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Connecting sport and Ocean Literacy!

How to connect (professional) sports and ocean literacy?! Tune in to our new episode of If Oceans Could Speak and meet Federico Morisio, professional windsurfer, 'Cavaliere del Mare', 'Starfish Champion', Starboard 'Ocean Ambassador', 'Mediterranean...


Sports are without a doubt a vital component that shapes our connection with the ocean. Yet, when talking about ocean literacy and ocean conservation per se, we tend to think less about professional sportsmen and athletes. We were therefore more than delighted to discuss for our sixth episode with Federico Morisio about the place professional sports has and should have in promoting ocean literacy.

''For athletes, I think we could take climate change and all the environmental issues as a higher purpose that can go hand in hand with our sports activity!'' (Federico)

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Federico is a 26-year-old professional windsurfer. Internationally recognised, he won, among other, the international IWT Pacasmayo Wave Classic 2017, being nominated "Most Improved Rider 2017" and finishing the International Windsurfing Tour 2018 in 4th place overall. Federico was born and raised in Turin, Italy, but since then has lived all over the world, training and travelling. He is passionate about sustainability and how to improve through life to become a better person. Next to his competitions, he is therefore engaged in a variety of projects where he tries to lead by setting an example including the EU4Ocean Youth4Ocean Forum ('Mediterranean Young Ocean Advocate'), Marevivo Onlus ('Cavaliere del Mare'), the 'Starfish Champion' initiative of the European Commission and Starboard ('ocean ambassador').

''My first goal was to lead by example and that’s why I’m sharing all I can, but at the same time I’m trying to improve my life and make it more sustainable: educating myself, being more aware, learning and studying and applying everything to my life!'' (Federico)


Thank you Federico for sharing your unique connection to the Mediterranean Sea and for kicking off the discussion on ocean literacy and sports!

''The Mediterranean sea’s conditions, its storms and strong winds can make you an all-around rider! It has this kind of mix of variables that makes it even more challenging at times'' (Federico)

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