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Become an EU4Algae member

The EU4Algae platform is made for and by algae stakeholders. We appreciate those willing to share about their participation, success and other achievements.
There are many ways you can engage with the project, show your connection and communicate our initiatives, from following #EU4Algae on Social Media to divulging the audio visual material available below.
However, the best way of keeping track of all our activities and collaborating in the project is by joining the Working Groups and registering in the Forum.
Our driving-force are the EU4Algae members: coming from the Academia, Industry, Government or Society, they are essencial to shape the future of Algae in Europe, helping us to design a forward-looking strategy and to perform concrete actions.

EU4ALGAE on Social Media

You can learn about all the activities and outcomes of the project by keeping up with CINEA and DG Mare social media accounts:…

Media kit

How to communicate about EU4ALGAE

All social media posts regarding the project include the hashtag #EU4Algae for an easier monitoring: if you want to be updated, just follow #EU4Algae on your social media accounts.


We welcome all inquiries and suggestions: please reach us at contactateu4algae [dot] eu (contact[at]eu4algae[dot]eu).