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Call for tenders to set up 'Facility for blue growth in the Black Sea' (winner announced)

New call for tenders for a project in the Black Sea awarded by the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME) on 10.10.2017!


After a thorough evaluation presses the winner of this competitive tender was selected. On 10 October, a contact was signed with Kantor Management Consultants in consortium with Application Européenne de Technologies et de Services (AETS) and subcontracts Stratégies Mer et Littoral and PESCARES ITALIA. The contract will run over 2 years.

Kantor`s main mission will be to establish and maintain an efficient and effective support assistance for the Black Sea – the Facility. This includes involvement of the relevant stakeholders in a regional dialogue on blue growth while seeking to further support the blue economy in the Black Sea. The Facility will also provide capacity building support on concrete projects development.

One of the key priorities of the project is to facilitate the formulation of a common maritime agenda for the Black Sea.

A dedicated webapge of the Facility will be created in the next two months. Information will follow.

The purpose of this call for tenders is to select a service provider to set up and operate a service referred to as ‘Facility’ to promote regional dialogue on blue growth and foster blue economy development in the Black Sea region, as well as to contribute to the formulation of common maritime and research strategic priorities for the sea basin.

For the purposes of this call for tenders, the ‘Facility’ is defined as a coordinating mechanism that:

  • i) raises awareness about benefits of integration in the maritime domain;

  • ii) supports the development of cooperation initiatives contributing to the blue economy; and

  • iii) provides capacity building of key stakeholders in the region.

The services to be provided are further detailed in the tender specifications published on (eTender platform).

Budget available: 1 000 000.00 EUR.

Duration of contract: 24 monts.

Deadline for submitting tenders: 02 June 2017.

For questions related to the Call, please direct them to EASME exclusively through the 'Questions and Answers' section of the eTender platform.