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Blue growth study - marine biotechnology

final report of study carried out to support assessment of policy options for marine biotechnology


Currently the European Biotechnology industry has an estimated annual revenue of € 15 billion while the Blue Biotechnology sector`s higher-end revenue generation is estimated to be around € 754 million. An estimated annual compound growth rate of Blue Biotechnology of 6-8% in 5 years could lead to an annual revenue generation of up to € 1 billion. This growth rate could effectively result in an increase in demand of high-end jobs as well as an increase of end-products. The employment increase in the Blue Biotechnology sector, given the ambitious overall growth rate, could amount to up to 10,000 additional work places in 5 years time. It would also help to boost the return on investment from previous, current and future R&D funding programmes already implemented or committed, especially so through the Horizon 2020 programme.

Final Report