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Blue Growth in Atlantic - inception report

This inception report identifies how the information on the maritime economic activities will be gathered. It provides an overview on the implementation of the "Study on Deepening Understanding of Potential Blue Growth in the EU Member States on Europe's Atlantic Arc" by taking into account the evolving policy context, the preliminary findings of the study team as well as the methodological findings on assessing the contribution of maritime economic activities to economic growth and employment.

In particular, this inception report

  • aims to present the detailed methodology on how to analyse the maritime economic activities, with a particular focus on quantitative analysis;
  • presents a draft country fiche template (seeAnnex I) that is aligned with other sea-basin studies;
  • present a refined timeline towards completion of the study.

As described in the proposal, we identified 6 interrelated tasks listed for this project, this inception report is part of Task 1 - project inception. The following tasks will follow:

  • Task 2: Country analysis;
  • Task 3: Innovation assessment;
  • Task 4: Growth Drivers and Barriers;
  • Task 5: Analysis of geographical concentration;
  • Task 6: Analysis and recommendations.

Results will be posted here as they are delivered