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Assistance in elaboration and prospective evaluation of the Atlantic Action Plan

The Directorate General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries has commissioned COWI and E&Y to assist with the definition and prospective evaluation of the Atlantic Action Plan.

The Atlantic Action Plan, adopted in May 2013, was defined by the Atlantic Forum, which was dismantled in 2013. It was the result of a bottom-up stakeholder process that helped to define the Action Plan. The consultants participated in the Atlantic Forum workshops and delivered five reports as a result of their findings and the information gathered from stakeholders and interested parties.

Atlantic Forum workshops


Horta (Azores, Portugal): Coastal and deep sea natural resources


Brest (France): Innovation at the service of a low carbon economy


Bilbao (Spain): Ocean services and climate change mitigation under the ecosystem approach


Cardiff (UK): Reducing carbon footprint and achieving socially inclusive economic growth


Cork (Ireland): Research and innovation, ports and overview of the Action Plan

As part of the deliverables, the consultants have prepared a set of indicators and targets to help define the monitoring and evaluation scheme of the Atlantic Action Plan. The indicators report has been complemented with a final report in which they presented a baseline situation for the Atlantic area with regards to the priorities and objectives defined in the Atlantic Action Plan.

The attached reports produced by the consortium formed by COWI, Ernst & Young and BIOIS reflect the opinions and findings of the consultants and in no way reflects or includes views of the European Union and its Member States or any of the European Union institutions. These documents are distributed for information purposes only.