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Anne-Laure Le Lay's story - Youth4Ocean Founding Member

In this article, maritime lawyer Anne-Laure Le Lay explains in a few words her special relationship to the ocean, which led her to become a Founding Member of the european Youth4Ocean Forum.


My name is Anne-Laure and I am 28.

My father made me discover the sea on his boat since I was little. I fell in love with the freedom oceans bring, the beautiful landscapes at sunset & the marine environment he taught me about.

When I was young, I witnessed the pollution from the Erika on the Brittany coast. This motivated me to become a maritime lawyer, in order to use my qualifications to protect the marine environment.

I feel at home when the sea is nearby. I have always lived close to the coast, whether in France, Spain, or Malta. Today I live in Nice and I really enjoy practising yoga on the shore. However I notice firsthand the challenges that the Mediterranean Sea faces, namely overtourism, intense maritime transport and pollution.

This motivated me to invest in concrete local actions, that’s why I am part of The Surfrider foundation and Paddle Cleaner

… and at a European level with Youth4Ocean!