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Maritime Forum

7th Meeting of the Marine Research Infrastructure Expert group - 14&15 November 2011

Presentation by Waddah Saab

  • Working session 1: EOOS - detailed identification of gaps and needs (Focus on marine environment – Marine Strategy Framework Directive)

Presentation by Carlos Berrozpe on European Commission's perspective

Presentation by Patrick Camus on perspective from a Member State – France

  • Working session 2: Standardisation and access to data – obstacles – options to progress

EMODNET / Marine knowledge: next steps and options

Presentation by Iain Shepherd

Using EMODNet / SeaDataNet for MSFD reporting

Presentation by Dick Schaap

  • Working session 3: public-private partnership for data acquisition and sharing, a realistic option?

Mainstream Renewable Power

Presentation by John Shaw

Det Norske Veritas

Presentation by Odd Willy Brude

  • Two case studies


Presentation by David Mills

IMEDEA observatory

Presentation by Joaquin Tintoré