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3rd European Atlas of the Seas Steering Committee meeting - Agenda

The European Atlas of the Seas Steering Committee meets twice a year to review progress and set the priorities for future developments.

Meeting Venue: DG MARE, Rue Joseph II 99, Brussels, Belgium / Room J99 04-A022

Date: from 10:00 till 12:00 on Wednesday 20 March 2019

Meeting agenda

Welcome & adoption of the agenda

  • The new European Atlas of the Seas with the 24 official EU languages

Catalogue update (New & updated map layers)

  • New maps on request of DG MARE
  • New map layers from EMODnet
  • New data providers (ICES, Copernicus, EUMOFA, EEA)
  • Request form and data quality check

Monitoring the use of the Atlas

  • Automated monthly reports on the maps of the week
  • Update on the number of visitors
  • Feedback form

Communication & outreach

  • All events (past and coming)
  • Maps of the week (EMODnet Secretariat) and maps of the month (DG MARE)
  • Teachers' corner, school pilot and other educational events


  • Presentation of the aquarium Nausicaa
  • Discussion on synergies

AOB and/or specific feedback

Next meeting