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Comments on EMODNet Geology draft report

I have read the EMODNet Geology draft report as a MODEG member and have 2 comments / requests:

Page 4 and further: You talk about a metadata profile, but I hope it deals with a metadata description of the MAP data products and not of the Samples and Cores, because the latter group are described by CDI by the same geology partners in the framework of Geo-Seas => if so, please explain a little bit more what this New Multilingual Metadata format is about!

Page 18: Please include a section on the relation with Geo-Seas , e.g. as follows:

As part of the Geo-Seas project the geology data centres are now well underway in establishing their connection to the SeaDataNet infrastructure

and in preparing CDI metadata entries and data files for their samples and cores. This is making an increasing volume of marine geological and

geophysical metadata and data available to users through the dedicated Geo-Seas portal and the overall SeaDataNet portal. The locations and metadata will also be made available as part of the CDI WMS and WFS

services by which these can be added as extra layer and information to the EMODnet Geology portal (see to show the

locations and metadata of the samples and cores on top of the seamless seabed surface map of 1:1 million for the European seas.

Please confirm.

Dick M.A. Schaap

EMODNet Technical Harmoniser