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Call for Collective Action on the Challenge of the Year

Submit your project contributing to strengthening skills in ocean literacy


To bring your attention, interest and innovative ideas to its Challenge of the Year, the EU4Ocean coalition launches its call for collective action.

The call aims at selecting and supporting a (limited) number of projects addressing its Challenge of the Year with measurable impacts on the ground contributing to the strengthening of ocean literacy in Europe s.Projects must be implemented with results delivered within a 12-month period maximum.

The requested financial support by the EU4Ocean coalition is 40 000 € maximum. Overall, it is expected that 3 high-quality and impact-full projects are selected and funded every year. 


The Call for Collective Actions is accessible to all members (individuals and organizations) of the different EU4Ocean communities (the EU4Ocean platform, the Youth4Ocean Forum and the EU network of Blue Schools). Individuals and organizations that wish to join the coalition can participate as partners of proposals. 

Selection criteria 

Proposals will be evaluated in light of 6 key principles translating the philosophy of the EU4Ocean coalition.  

Beyond these 6 key principles, the operational feasibility of each proposal will be assessed.


A complete application must present the following documents (available on the EMD website): 

  • The application form with all its components dully filled,  

  • The proposal’s budget (in an Excel/table format) with all projected expenditures specified as well as already secured financial support and the requested financial support from the EU4Ocean coalition.

  • A four-page max document (in English) presenting the project: the approach to the subject, how it is innovative, the collective dimension and cataytical impact, the ground impacts and how it can be replicated.  Formatting is free, pictures and diagram are welcome.   

The deadline for submitting the proposal is 14 Juy, 2023, 18h (CET).  

Please, before submitting, read carefully the terms of reference of the Call for Collective Actions which gives a precise description of the eligibility, selection criteria and selection process.

Selection process 

The selection process will be carried out by the secretariat of the EU4Ocean coalition supported by the Coalition’s Advisory Board...  

Step 1 - all proposals are screened to check eligibility and feasibility. Proposals that are not eligible nor feasible will not be further considered in the selection process, the coordinator who submitted the proposal being informed of the reasons explaining why the proposal is not considered for evaluation. 

Step 2 - Eligible/feasible proposals are evaluated individually by the Coalition’s secretariat. Evaluation scores for the 6 criteria are proposed and summarised in a pre-established evaluation grid.

Step 3 – Based on the results of the pre-evaluation grid, the 10 projects with the highest overall scores are presented and discussed with the Coalition’s Advisory Board, and the best projects proposed for financial support selected. The final selection will be published in September.  

Step 4 – All coordinators of proposals are contacted by emails to inform them of the results of the selection process. The winning projects are announced via the EU4Ocean website and Social Media.