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When words are not enough, turn to music

Listen to the Arctic Ocean through the words of Lera Auerbach and the the power of art, music, and storytelling.


We are thrilled to reveal that Lera Auerbach - celebrated conductor, pianist, composer, poet, and visual artist – is our guest on our 4th podcast episode.

“You feel very small when you are in the Arctic because everything is so grandiose, so beautiful, so overwhelming, and you all understand how ridiculous all the concepts are of conquering nature”

(Lera Auerbach)


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“I think music is a language and the beauty of it is that it is the most universal language of all because it is not limited to the definitions of words, so it bypasses words and connects to us on the subconscious level, the emotional level.”

(Lera Auerbach)

Lera joins us to explore her perspective of the Arctic Ocean through the power of art, music, and storytelling. She is in a unique position to do so: her award-winning Symphony No.4 “ARCTICA” is a boldly imaginative piece, commissioned by NSO, The Oslo Philharmonic, and National Geographic and in collaboration with renowned Nat Geo explorer-in-residence Dr Enric Sala.

From her childhood in Russia to encounters in Greenland, listen as Lera takes us on the life-long and life-changing journey that led to this extraordinary work. ARCTICA has given Lera an emotional connection to our polar regions and their beauty. Through the power of music, she invites her audience accompany her on this journey.

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