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EU4Ocean Coalition members at the UN Ocean Decade Conference 2024

5 representatives of the EU4Ocean Coalition will contribute to the vision and mission of the Ocean Decade with an oral presentation on the importance of collective action.  

EU4Ocean UN Ocean Decade Oral Presentation

EU4Ocean Coalition partners of the consortium will deliver an oral presentation on 12 April in Barcelona at the UN Ocean Decade Conference 2024. This significant event aims to showcase innovative science-society solutions and highlight endeavors contributing to the vision and mission of the Ocean Decade.

The topic of the presentation is "Ensuring an Effective Science-Society Interface that Delivers Ocean Sustainability: The Importance of Collective Action".

The presentation promises to blend practical illustrations of collective ocean literacy projects with invaluable insights garnered from the initial years of operation of the EU4Ocean coalition. It will underscore the significance of co-designing ocean literacy products that harness the strengths of diverse societal groups to foster more impactful outcomes. Moreover, the collective efforts spearheaded by the EU4Ocean coalition across Europe will be spotlighted as instrumental innovations paving the way towards a healthier and more sustainable ocean.


  • Laura Bastide - ACTeon Environment
  • Anna Maria Marino - Youth Environment Europe
  • Mikaela Martirosyan - REVOLVE
  • Lavinia Giulia Pomarico - JPI Oceans
  • Laura Stukonyte - Save the Baltic Sea

Focus of the presentation

  • Highlighting practical examples of effective interactions between science-based information and civil society experience.
  • Addressing the gaps in ocean literacy, awareness, and communication activities within research projects.
  • Proposing strategies to bridge research endeavors with broader societal engagement to enhance impact on the ground.
  • Emphasizing the importance of a collective narrative to combat fragmentation and maximize the effectiveness of ocean literacy efforts.

The presentation will be delivered during Session 4 as part of Challenge 10: Change Humanity's Relationship with the Ocean. 

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from the EU4Ocean Coalition as we embark on this transformative journey at the UN Ocean Decade Conference 2024.