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About EU4Algae

/es/file/eu4algae-forum-here-and-nowEU4Algae Forum is here and now!

The platform is a unique space for collaboration among European algae stakeholders, including algae farmers, producers, sellers, consumers, technology developers as well as business-support organisations, investors, public authorities, academia, researchers and NGOs.

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Why join EU4Algae?
  • + Network and discuss with fellow algae peers through specific working groups;
  • + Access to exclusive networking events;
  • + Help shape algae awareness campaigns in the wider European consumer markets;
  • + Receive updates on the latest business and funding opportunities within the European algae sector.

EU4Algae - Info Session 15 June 2023



SeaStrains database is now open to the EU4Algae community!

The EU4Algae community can now access the SeaStrains database. Counting with 1020 strains in its database that were added by its members, EU4Algae members can engage in this initiative and share their seaweed strains that are currently in culture to this database. To contribute, please contact Laurie Hofmann at . You will then be provided with a template for adding your seaweed strain data to the database. Please note that this data will be openly accessible, so by contributing, you agree to share your data.

Meet the Team

Meet the supporting organisations behind the EU4Algae forum

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Algae Business corner 

Welcome to EU4Algae’s business corner, dedicated to providing up-to-date information on algaerelated opportunities in the EU. Our database is a valuable resource for anyone interested in participating in tenders or calls related to algae research, development, and commercialization.

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EU4Algae Knowledge Library

Welcome to EU4Algae’s online knowledge library, dedicated to providing valuable information on algae-related resources. Our library is a one-stop-shop for all your algae-related research needs, covering a wide range of topics from the biology and ecology of algae to their practical applications invarious industries.

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Communication & Media

Want to join the #EU4Algae conversation? A wide array of resources is available to you.

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EU4Algae – Info Session 15 June 2023

Last update: 05/06/23

News: The first EU4Algae newsletter is out!

The EU4Algae forum has just launched its 1st newsletter. From now on, fresh updates about the algae sector news, business opportunities, upcoming events, and more, will be available via our quarterly newsletter.  

Last update: 02/06/23

Business corner

Last update: 30/03/23

Knowledge Library

Last update: 30/03/23

Licensing Toolkit - Norway


Last update: 15/03/23

Licensing Toolkit - Denmark


Last update: 15/03/23

Licensing Toolkit - Scotland


Last update: 15/03/23

Licensing Toolkit - England


Last update: 15/03/23

Licensing Toolkit - Ireland


Last update: 14/03/23

EU4Algae Forum is here and now!

Last update: 14/03/23


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