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Ocean governance

Ocean governance is the conduct of the policy, actions and affairs regarding the world's oceans. Within governance, it incorporates the influence of non-state actors, i.e. stakeholders, NGOs and so forth, therefore the state is not the only acting power in policy making

Hack4Oceans II Challenge - Marine Litter

How might we accelerate the usage of litter removal technologies by ports, local water authorities and coastal communities? How might we increase citizens’ access to and involvement in marine litter data collection by providing them with better and easier-to-use tools and methods? ...

Last update: 13/01/23

Hack4Oceans participants Hack4Oceans Outcome

The two-day hackathon on ocean’s sustainability was held in Brussels, at Area 42 on 20 and 21 of October 2021.

Last update: 02/02/22


Last update: 28/01/21

We are officially launching the first call for project submission of the Youth4Ocean Forum!

Do you have a project in mind to raise awareness of consumers on sustainable seafood or an innovative business plan to use marine resources sustainably? Or something completely different that you think has the potential to change things? We welcome applications from anyone involved or interested in the sustainable use of marine resources for economic growth, improved livelihoods, and jobs while preserving the health of marine ecosystems.

Last update: 18/11/20

Message on Mediterranean Coast Day (25 September)

The public has an important role to play. Thanks to the rise of mobile broadband, today’s “Mediterraneans” are better informed and more organized than any other generation. Simple purchasing decisions taken at the supermarket and online clicks matter greatly. Businesses spend vast amounts to understand their customers’ preferences in order to tailor products and services accordingly. Observation shows that sustainable options will rise on the market if there is demand for it.

Last update: 28/09/20

The breeze that may herald a green renaissance in the Mediterranean

This op-ed by Gaetano Leone, Coordinator, Mediterranean Action Plan of the United Nations Environment Programme, Barcelona Convention Secretariat, first appeared on 24 August 2020 with the title "A roadmap to cut shipping emissions in the Mediterranean" in EURACTIV

Last update: 16/09/20

Online workshops of the IOG Forum

Workshops were held online in June and July 2020 with the aim of bringing together small groups of experts to discuss solutions and opportunities addressing key International Ocean Governance

Last update: 16/07/20

Targeted consultation

What’s next for the future of our ocean? Consultation on international ocean governance

Last update: 16/07/20

Thematic Working Group (TWG) 3: Strengthening international ocean research, data and knowledge

This Thematic Working Group (TWG) Strengthening international ocean research, data

Last update: 15/04/20

Thematic Working Group (TWG) 2: Reducing pressure on the ocean and seas and creating the conditions for a sustainable blue economy

The Thematic Working Group (TWG) Reducing pressure on the ocean and seas and creating the conditions for a sustainable blue economy will focus on how the international ocean governance framework is

Last update: 15/04/20


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