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Roadmap for the Blue Bioeconomy

Published on: Mon, 02/12/2019 - 13:44
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    The Blue Bioeconomy Forum publishes its European Roadmap!



    The sea has traditionally been a large source of economic prosperity and it offers large potential to contribute to achieving quite a number of Sustainable Development Goals, including life below water, climate action, decent work and responsible consumption. Fisheries and aquaculture have been important sources of food for a long time, but outside these sectors the use of renewable aquatic biological resources to make products is still in the infancy stage. In order to speed up the developments and achieve the potential of this so-called blue bioeconomy, the Blue Bioeconomy Forum (BBF) was set up in 2018 as a platform for entrepreneurs, researchers, government officials
    and other stakeholders. In the past year and a half we organised a process of interaction with more than 300 stakeholders including a starting event in December 2018 in Amsterdam and a roadmapping conference in Brussels in June 2019. The focus of our activities was on better identifying the wide range of initiatives in the sector, identifying drivers and hurdles for the development of the sector, and defining ways forward. As Steering Group of the Blue Bioeconomy Forum we are now proud to present you this Roadmap for the blue bioeconomy that should help the blue bioeconomy fulfil its potential and flourish. We thank all people that contributed to this Roadmap and the discussions leading to it, and wish this Roadmap is used well!


    Link to the Roadmap



    Link to the BBF Highlights brochure, including a summary of the roadmap, and a selection of viable and innovative projects



    • Hanns J NEUBERT's picture

      The Roadmap for the Blue Bioeconomy is not available. The provided link leads to page saying "Access denied. This is a restricted page" – although I am logged in via the EC Webgate.

    • Margaux LE GALLOU's picture

      Thank you for your comment, we fixed the issue! You can find the roadmap either via the link or in the "Attachements" section on the right.