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The Netherlands is a geographically low-lying country, with about 25% of its area and 21% of its population located below sea level, and 50% of its land lying less than one metre above sea level. This distinct feature contributes to the country's name in many other European languages. (i.e. French: Les Pays-Bas and Spanish: Los Paises Bajos, literally means "The Low Countries").

Blue School conference for teachers in The Netherlands

The Network of EU Blue Schools and the municipality of Den Helder are pleased to invite teachers from the Netherlands to participate in this conference.

Last update: 08/02/23

Commissioner Virginijus Sinkevičius grants the first European Blue School certificate.

During the European Maritime Day conference on 20 May 2021, the European Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries took the time to visit the first European Blue School.

Last update: 21/05/21

The maritime economy in the North Sea

Contractors have issued papers summarising the blue economy in Belgium, Germany, Netherlands and Norway. France and UK are covered separately under the Atlantic

Last update: 11/05/19

Country information the Netherlands

  Political leadership and administrative structure responsible minister

Last update: 23/01/15

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