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Impact assessment
Study to support impact assessment for "marine knowledge 2020" - final report

Full Report in pdf introduction

Last update: 12/07/13

Benefits of marine knowledge for innovation and reduction of uncertainty

A study is underway to assess the potential benefits in terms of innovation and reduced uncertainty of a less fragemented European marine data dissemination infrastructure. The contractors will outline their findings so far. Their last progress report is available here

Start date: 18/02/2013 - 14:30
Last update: 22/02/13

COWI study on impact assessment for marine knowledge - revised interim report

Work undertaken since submission of the interim report

Last update: 29/12/12

Marine Knowledge 2020: Impact assessment. Study by COWI

The aim of this study is to provide background material for the uipcoming impact assessment on "marine knowledge 2020". It will complement the consultation that followed the Green Paper and examines issues such as licensing of offshore structures, innovation potential, reduction of uncertainty and piossible governance mechanisms.

Last update: 14/10/12

Firts progress report from COWI on marine knowledge impact assessment

report in printable form from 3 October 2012     1 Introduction

Last update: 14/10/12

Inception report for Study to support Impact Assessment of Marine Knowledge 2020 and draft questionnaires

  This report constitutes the inception report on the Study to support the forthcoming IA on Marine Knowledge 2020.

Last update: 14/10/12

Kick-off meeting Impact Assessment study for marine knowledge 2020

The contractors presented their ideas for the information gathering phase of the project. The Commission provided comments and suggestions to ensure that there is a common understanding of what should be delivered and when.

Start date: 23/08/2012 - 10:00
Last update: 14/10/12

Study for impact assessment of marine knowledge 2020

Eight month study by COWI Belgium SPRL, COWI A/S, BIO Inteligence Service SAS, Ernst & Young et Associés starting 3 August 2012 (contract)

Last update: 14/10/12

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