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The Charter for the Mission “Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030”

Science Communication and Blue Storytelling – A training workshop for young people

Take part in European Maritime Day 2022 in Cyprus!

Calling for volunteers to play with us! European Atlas of the Seas game

The EU4Ocean coalition fosters Ocean Literacy Dialogues at UNOC

Call for activities for the EU4OCEAN Summit Ocean Literacy Festival!

"EU4Ocean in action" awards: Call for nominations!

Let’s listen to the Arctic Ocean - A Festival for Ocean Literacy

The 2022 edition of the Summer School organized by OGS will focus on the Copernicus Marine Services as a supporting tool to foster Sustainable Blue Economy

Let’s listen to the Arctic: The Arctic Ocean Literacy event on 5th and 8th of April

Let’s make Europe Blue: the EU4Ocean for Ocean Literacy Summit rewards outstanding actions for the Ocean

DG MARE and the IOC UNESCO: working together for Ocean Literacy.

Discover the European Atlas of the Seas by visiting a virtual exhibition!

Join the Ocean Literacy Festival in the Black Sea

Let’s make the Black Sea Blue

Celebrating ocean literacy in the Mediterranean Sea – Welcome to our Mediterranean Sea basin event

Supporting Ocean Literacy in the Baltic - EU4Ocean "Let’s make the Baltic Sea Blue"

Join the Ocean Literacy Festival in the Mediterranean Sea

The Youth4Ocean Forum is calling all young people in the Mediterranean Sea area!

Seaweeds and Sustainability - Can Macroalgae Replace Plastic?

The Youth4Ocean Forum is calling all young people in the Baltic Sea Area!

Schools for the Blue Economy

The Marine Diaries - Ocean Careers Workshop

From Fishing to Farming: Aquaculture in Ocean Literacy – Call for Abstracts

Black Sea Action Day – speaking up for a clean and healthy sea!

The Network of European Blue Schools Workshop: Embarking on a journey for Ocean Literacy

EU4Ocean - Co-designing Collective Ocean Literacy Actions in the Atlantic and North Sea Basin

Paving the way for collective Ocean Literacy initiatives in the Mediterranean Sea - EU4Ocean Workshop

The EU4Ocean coalition: what, what for, how?

Ocean literacy in the Arctic: EU4Ocean workshop

Youth4Ocean Forum: Empowering European Youth to make a difference for the ocean

The EU4Ocean Platform: Co-Designing Ocean Literacy For Society

Ocean literacy in the Baltic: EU4Ocean event workshop

EU4Ocean Workshop: Taking Common Action For Making the Black Sea Sustainable

EU4Ocean thematic workshops on 25 September 2020

Joining forces at the first “EU4Ocean workshop – Designing Ocean Literacy action in Europe

The EU4Ocean Platform kicked off with a group of diverse and engaged founding members

Launch of the EU4Ocean Coalition