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Maritime Forum

Youth4Ocean Forum awards Young Ocean Advocates for their outstanding projects


As part of EU4Ocean award process, a jury met to pre-select five projects of Young Ocean Advocates (cf. Terms of Reference for process and assessment criteria) which would then be submitted to the final EU4Ocean Awards.

We are pleased to announce that the jury designated the following winners for their projects in:

Ocean conservation

Refill Cyprus


Business and innovation

Revolution is in the hair


Research related to solve marine and societal challenges

Monitor My Ocean


Community engagement

The Marine Diaries


Culture and arts

Venice Climate Change Pavilion


As winners of this phase, they are offered a return trip to Lisbon to attend the UN Ocean Conference or equivalent to purchase goods and services to develop their project further.

Their projects are now selected for a second phase of the awards (the final EU4Ocean Awards) where the winners will be presented during the EU4Ocean Summit.

A call for public vote has been launched, so feel free to participate to support them.