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Virtual reality and ecotourism

The new Euronews OCEAN Season 5, Episode 7 focuses on Virtual reality and ecotourism


The ocean holds countless archaeological treasures that have found their resting place on the sea floor over the ages. To personally explore these sites, one would need to be a diver, but new technologies are making this remarkable heritage accessible to all. In this episode of Ocean, we join underwater archaeologists as they digitise a historic shipwreck in the Tremiti Islands (Italy) within the CREAMARE project to make its exploration accessible even to non-divers.

We visit the National Superintendency for Underwater Cultural Heritage in Taranto to experience an immersive exhibition of ancient amphoras recovered from a depth of 750 metres. Interactive screens and VR headsets allow visitors to get an unforgettable glimpse into the details of the artefacts and their discovery.

Finally, we find out how the CORALLO project in Malta introduces interactive ocean literacy exhibits at touristic sites and cooperates with eco-tourism associations aiming to make local tourism more sustainable and help preserve pristine Natura 2000 areas along Malta's increasingly urbanised coastline.