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Venice Platform Declaration

In Europe, marine and coastal related activities have always played a major role in the economy and in social and cultural life, The European Maritime (policy promotes the further development of these activities, with due attention for the sustainable use of coastal and marine resources and for the impacts of global change and climate-related hazards.

The subscribing parties, representatives of maritime, marine and coastal networks, express their intention to engage in a cooperation process, which will support the European Maritime Policy in several ways: By assisting in the definition of policy priorities related to coastal and maritime matters; By cooperating on issues of common concern; By taking greater Benefit of the widespread available knowledge and experience in Europe; By making a more efficient use of mutual resources and investments.

The parties will strive for the establishment of a common European Platform with the following principles and objectives:

  • The Platform is a joint venture of networking organizations, which contribute in diverse ways to sustainable coastal development and sustainable use of the sea.
  • The Platform coordinates теmber actions through debate and exchange of experience and knowledge at the platform level, while respecting the management arrangements, objectives and legal status of the member organizations.
  • The Platform facilitates improved delivery of services, through greater communication, liaison, and joint working between (platform members; it will not duplicate services already provided By the member organizations to coastal and maritime professionals at European, national and regional scales.
  • The Platform voices at the European level the shared objectives and concerns of the network organisations and seekş to achieve a permanent and constructive dialogue with the different authorities and more specifically the European institutions.

The platform initiative will start early 2009 with a broad assembly meeting, where existing maritime, marine and coastal networks will discuss future cooperation processes and structures.

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