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Study 2008-10 lot 4: Improving the knowledge of the biology and the fisheries of the new species for management

Over time ‘new’ species become subject of fisheries management. In that case information for advise for management is needed. This study looks at available information for 12 new species

Why this study?

Next to existing advice on fish stocks there are stocks such as brill, dab, flounder, lemon sole, red mullet (striped), red gurnard, grey gurnard, sea bass, turbot, tub gurnard, witch flounder and John Dory for which no management advise was given. This study aims at identifying for these ‘new’ species what information is already available and which additional information we need to collect in order to be able to give sufficient advise for management.


  1. Bring together available information on biological parameters, stock identity, and composition of catches and landings of the ‘new’ species
  2. Identify the information that should be collected in the future to better assess the status of these resources to start providing advice for the management of these resources.


Analyse already collected information and material pertaining to the ‘new’ species such as growth, maturation, food and feeding, distribution, abundance, landings, effort, CPUE, age- and size composition of commercial and research vessel catches.

Gaps in the actual knowledge of the species should be identified and where possible

changes in the future data collection should be proposed in order to fill those gaps.


12 months


€ 500.000