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Seawater contamination at Fukushima - 30km from shore

Data from the Japanese authorities on contamination of I131 and Cs137 measured 30km from shore.

results show that:

  1. levels are still high
  2. concentrations of iodine-131 are higher than for caesium-137
  3. levels are higher at water surface than bottom. This is a little anomalous in that highrest concentrations in fish come from bottom-dwelling fish (launce) but they may have been caught near shore.
  4. the concentrations are more heterogenous than before. Mpost sensors do not detect any activity
  5. the levels of Cs-137 are such that they could cause contamination of fish above the limit. We used the "worst case" ratio - 1 Bq/litre in water results in 100 Bq/kg in wet fish. The conversion factor comes froma press release from Japanse Fisheries Agency

[img_assist|nid=1915|title=potential Cs-137 contamination in fish off Fukushima|desc=|link=none|align=center|width=487|height=640]