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Map of the Week – Sea level anomalies

The Map of the Week shows information on sea level anomalies across European waters.


On the 28th September 2022, the sixth issue of the Copernicus Ocean State Report was published, coordinated by Mercator Ocean International, the implementing entity of the Copernicus Marine Service. The report provides a comprehensive, state-of-the-art, scientific overview of the current states, variations, and ongoing changes in the European regional seas and global Ocean. It also includes data and essential information on the Blue, Green, and White Ocean from key Ocean Monitoring Indicators up to 2021. [1]

Collecting data on the Ocean is an essential part of understanding and monitoring the health and sustainability of marine environments. This data can indicate where changes are occurring in the ocean, helping to detect critical changes or anomalies in the marine environment, such as the acceleration in sea level over the past 30 years, with a global sea level rise of more than 9 centimetres (~3 inches) since 1993. [2]

Did you know there is a map layer on sea level anomalies in the European Atlas of the Seas? It reveals the regional extent of anomalous (i.e. deviating from what is normal or expected) water levels in the coastal seas for a certain time period. This map shows the sea level anomalies derived from tidal gauge measurements and bottom pressure recorders, provided by the Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level (PSMSL). Dive in and explore the Map of the Week!

Access the map

The data in this map are provided by EMODnet.

[1] Copernicus Ocean State Report 6:

[2] Copernicus Ocean State Report 6: