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Final Report Lot1 EMODnet - hydrography

For the Hydrographic portal the following approach has been applied:

  • Involve research institutes, monitoring authorities, and HO’s, in providing hydrographic data sets from which Digital Terrain Models (DTM) are produced with resolution of 0,25 * 0,25 minutes for each geographical region and that are loaded and integrated afterwards into a spatial database at the Portal
  • Outfit the spatial database as a powerful and a high-end Hydrographic data products viewing and downloading service that is complemented with WMS services (OGC) to serve users and to provide map layers for e.g. the other EMODnet portals, the prototype European Atlas of the Seas, and the broad-scale European Marine Habitats map;
  • Include in the portal a metadata discovery and access service by adopting the SeaDataNet Common Data Index (CDI) data discovery and access service that gives clear information about the hydrographic survey data used for the DTM, their access restrictions and distributors; this also ensures the connection of the Hydrographic portal with the SeaDataNet portal, which includes a shopping mechanism for requesting access to basic measurements data.

In a consecutive call in June 2009 a second batch of preparatory actions were issued, including the Seabed Mapping Lot. The overall objectives of the Seabed Mapping Lot are to fill gaps in the EU’s low-resolution bathymetry map and to assemble a complete inventory of high resolution seabed mapping data held by public and private bodies. The Seabed Mapping Lot was awarded in June 2010 to the same consortium that has been extended with 3 extra partners. This has as added-value that the digital bathymetry of the Seabed Mapping Lot is produced with a methodology which is overall consistent with the methodology as applied for the Hydrography Lot. And these data products can be integrated seamlessly in the Hydrography portal giving users a unique ad harmonised access. The Seabed Mapping Lot is producing bathymetric data products for the following maritime basins:

  • the Iberian coast and the Bay of Biscay
  • the Adriatic Sea
  • the Aegean-Levantine Sea

This Final Report describes the activities that have taken place in the Development and build phase 1 (M1-M12), the Test and monitor phase 2 (M13-M18) and the Upgrade phase 3 (M19- M24) of the EMODnet HYdrography project. The report describes the progress made with each of the 5 Work Packages and in a separate section it also gives conclusions and recommendations. As Annex an inventory is attached of the bathymetric datasets that have been gathered and collated in the project for the 3 target areas as input for the Digital Terrain Models. The results of the EMODnet Seabed Mapping project are reported in separate reports.