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FARNET Managing Authorities meeting - 19 February 2010 - material

The second FARNET Managing Authorities meeting took place in Brussels on the 19th February 2010.

This meeting gathered more than 40 participants from 19 Member states, enabling to exchange experience, questions and suggestions on how to select and promote effective and qualitative strategies for fisheries areas under Axis 4.

Building on the experience and suggestions acquired from previous meetings, the exchanges were encouraged by working in small discussion groups, leading to conclusions and outputs which will be shared subsequently, through this forum and the FARNET website.

Keynote presentations focused on the tools developed and shared by FARNET to assist strategy design and selection and the case study of French MA selection process.In addition, a presentation of the cooperation questionaire which will be sent to the Managing Authorities was proposed, in order to kickstart exchanges and forthcoming discussions about this subject between MAs and FSU. Those three presentations are available for download below.

The FSU team