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EMODnet-CMEMS Coordination Meeting - Draft agenda

EMODnet – CMEMS Coordination Meeting

Date: 17 April 2019

Time: 09.00 // 13.00 TBC

Location: Brussels, DG MARE, Rue Joseph II 99 (ROOM J99 04/A022)

Draft Agenda

Session 1: Coordination and information updates.

The objective of the session is to give an update from each of the two sides on the current status of the programmes, their foreseen evolution within this MFF and possible evolution within next MFF – pending budget approval.

- Status updates from EC:

o Note to the file on implementing the collaboration between CMEMS and EMODnet (DG GROW and DG MARE) 15’ / MARE+GROW

o Updates on the EMFF negotiation 10’ / MARE

o Updates on the Space negotiation 10’ / GROW

- General updates on current and upcoming activities from CMEMS and EMODnet (EMODnet Secretariat, Mercator Ocean)

o CMEMS status 20’ /MOi

o EMODnet status 20’ /EMODnet

- General status of current MoU CMEMS with EMODnet Physics and EMODnet Chemistry 15’ /MOi

- EOOS Updates 15’/ MARE + EMODnet

- Possible areas of further convergence and collaboration (Bathymetry, Biology, Sea Habitat) 30’ All

- Aligning communication and joint representation 15’ All

Session 2: Operational and technical collaboration

The objective of this session is to review the latest technical development and to find possible area of synergy short‐term (within the year). The point are to be considered “open discussion”

- INSTAC and EMODnet data aspects

o INSTAC and EMODnet Physics

o INSTAC and EMODnet Chemistry Data

- Single Sign-On CMEMS-EMODnet (User tracking and user knowledge)

- Collaboration for Open Sea Lab II - Open Data Competition (September 2019)

- Collaboration with MSFD

- Cooperation around EU Policies: MSP as test case


- Recap actions and closing