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6th Working Group on IMP in the Mediterranean (Brussels, 30-31 October 2013) - Speakers' Presentations

Dear all,

First of all, we would like to thank you for your participation at the 6th Working Group on Integrated Maritime Policy (IMP) in the Mediterranean (Brussels, 30-31 October 2013) and for your contributions during the discussions.

Please find enclosed the list of participants, as well as the presentations given during the meeting.

The draft conclusions and the draft meeting report with all the interventions will be submitted to you shortly for your comments and suggestions.

Documentation concerning the 6th Working Group is also available at the IMP-Med Project Website:



ARA:الفريق-العامل-في-إطار-السياسة-البحرية-المتكاملة-في-منطقة-البحر-الأبيض-المتوسط_57_56_pg-det (available soon)

Thank you.