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Following Kimberly Aiken in her journey to her polar career!


Today’s conversation is with Kimberly Aiken, Research and Policy Associate for the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition (ASOC). Kimberly previously worked on Arctic issues as a Policy Intern with the Alfred Wegener Institute in Germany and on the Polar and Climate Programme at GRID-Arendal in Norway. We are delighted to hear her perspective on both poles!

“To the younger generation, to people, indigenous youth and youth all over from all different backgrounds who take a stand on climate action, on climate change, on environmental and social justice and how all of these things effect their communities or the planet in general, that also gives me hope”

(Kimberly Aiken)


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“You know, representation matters, it’s really important to see others in spaces that mimic you or look like you that represent your same goals and values and what you can bring to the subject matter”

(Kimberly Aiken)

In her refreshing and poetic way, Kimberly retells the journey to her polar career so far, the idols that inspired her, and the actions that keeps her hopeful.

In this 7th episode of the podcast "If Oceans Could Speak", we talk to Kimberly about the social and human dimensions of environmental change in the Arctic. She passionately reflects on the importance of expanding diversity and inclusion efforts in all areas of polar research and policy, from traditional knowledge systems to supporting youth from all backgrounds. Kimberly’s compelling and profound words speak of optimism and hope both in the face of change and through the power of change.

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