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Alla scoperta dell’acqua alta! 3rd Kid Acqua Alta Discovery

Practical marine science experiment or science show

Target audience: Children, Youth, Schools
Language: Italian
Format: on-site
Mediterranean focus: Venice, Italy
Time: September 25 & 26, 09:00 CEST
Duration: 7 hours
Organised by Wigwam Venice Resilient Lab


“Alla scoperta dell’acqua alta!” “ Kid Acqua Alta Discovery” is an experimental project for the new generations exposed to the risk of sea level rise and the violence of future storms, in order to accelerate the completion of the MOSE project and the set up of the new authorithy ALMA for the management of the lagoon and Mose smart operations.

The activities consist of:

  • Construction of hydrometric rods to measure the water level with photos or direct reading
  • Simultaneous water level readings across the entire Venice lagoon and beyond to discover tide delays and wind wave set up and into establishing a bench mark for monitoring relative sea level rise
  • The classes that collect the most interesting data will be rewarded with a trip to the lagoon

The project is for children from 6-18 yeas old, and for schools located in and around the Venice lagoon in association with local rowing clubs.

  • 25-26 September 2021 : Reading of the data and photos from different locations: a dozen readings taken several times at a distance of time are sufficient even outside school hours before and after the high/low tide (accompanied by a family member or teacher)